Harryson Juma Odari founder and CEO of Cape Masai Leather


A visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of Cape Masai Leather, deeply enthusiastic about the craftsmanship and cultural significance of leather. His journey began in Kenya in the hospitality industry but flourished in South Africa, where he found inspiration to create affordable, locally crafted leather products.

In 2010, Harryson Juma Odari recognized the need for accessible leather goods in South Africa after discovering the unaffordable prices of imported items. Motivated by this gap in the market, he embarked on a mission to produce high-quality leather products at affordable prices. Cape Masai Leather was born, becoming a symbol of authenticity, craftsmanship, and African heritage.

Harryson's workshop is a hub of creativity and purpose, where he and his team of resolute artisans handcraft custom-made bags, belts, wallets, and purses. Each piece reflects the essence of Africa, blending tradition with contemporary design. For Harryson, Cape Masai Leather is more than just a brand; it is a platform for preserving the culture of Kenya and South Africa, supporting local artisans, and driving economic growth.

His pride swells as customers embrace their Cape Masai Leather treasures, knowing they carry a piece of African heritage with them.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits,

Harryson is also the Deputy Chairperson of the Kenya Community in Western Cape (KCWC). In this role, he champions unity, cultural exchange, and the promotion of welfare issues within the Kenyan community. For Harryson, fostering a united and supportive community is non-negotiable.

Whether you are strolling through Cape Town or exploring the world, consider carrying a piece of Harryson's enthusiastic testament to the enduring allure of leather and the rich cultural tapestry of Africa.

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