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10 years anniversary /youth day challenge

Turning 10 years on 22nd June for making best quality products for best price.


Ten years ago, Harryson started with just R50 in his pocket, selling pens at Home Affairs to raise capital. His goal was to buy leather to make bracelets, taking on the challenge of designing and producing high-quality bracelets for less than the overpriced imported ones found in a Long Street shop in Cape Town at the time.

We share this story to motivate others, showing that you can break through difficult barriers with focus and dedication to serving people and making a difference in the community and the nation.

Success will follow. As we celebrate Youth Day today, I challenge you to take this moment to achieve and accomplish something on your own. Serve the people and the nation now, as a youth.

Excuses of being young and naive are for the lazy. Remember, the blessings of elders, received anywhere, everywhere, and anytime along your journey, are the greatest keys to God’s favor in your pursuit of success.

Harryson's founding words from ten years ago still resonate today: "I chose the hard work that many peers are not into, as long as I serve with a full heart, dedication, and honesty. To me, success is calculated by the number of people you uplift, inspire, and make smile, not by what you own."

Stay tuned for the full story of hard work and humble beginnings, coming soon.

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I am so proud on my purchase with Cape Masai. My laptop bag looks exactly as displayed on the web page. The quality, the workmanship everything is so specially designed. I placed my order a week before the 25th December and received it first week in Jan 2023. Thank you will definitely recommend you wherever i go with my bag


Your satisfaction is our strength.
You are welcome again dear.

Cape Masai leather

You are welcome again dear.
Your satisfaction is our strength.

Cape Masai leather

You are welcome again, your satisfaction is our strength.
Happy Women’s month.

Cape Masai leather

What an amazing experience I had with Cape Masai. The product I purchased (made to my specifications) was beautifully made and excellent workmanship. Thank you Harryson for always promptly responding to my messages and keeping me updated on the progress of my item. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this amazing gift for my hubby.

Sonja Steyn

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