Covid-19 announcement

        Level  3 SA  lockdown 

This is most difficult time in our lives  due to Covid-19.   Our prayers are with  all of you.

   We are open for all orders , and now we are certified to produce and ship  all our products across the country.  

     We are strictly working behind closed doors,  maintaining hygiene and safety requirements as per the government regulations. 

    All parcels are safely packed and shipped under strict protocols. And to the roadside pickup,  we will be able to assist you with your mask on.

Special thanks to our frontline workers for the greater job you are doing. Our  prayers are with you 24/7 our heroes. 

  Be safe, stay and work at home if you can to reduce more infections . 

Together we can beat Covid-19. 

    For current information about Covid-19 in SA click on the link